Start a Test Run


1. Install/update ht-cli npm package

To Install and use HyperTest's ht-cli package, we will do the following steps:

  1. Create PAT for the user - Hypertest Team will do this for you

  2. Add NPM repo login credential in ~/.npmrc

  3. Install ht-cli package globally using the following command

Add the following content in your ~/.npmrc.

1st line in this file has authToken for pulling packages from NPM registry.

2nd line indicates to use registry to pull packages scoped with @hypertestco.


npm install -g @hypertestco/ht-cli --save-exact

Verify htcli has been installed using the below command:

htcli --help

Getting Started:

1. Generate a CLI auth token

Go to your accounts page

Click to create a new CLI token

Copy the newly generated CLI token to use in the test configuration file in the next step

2. Create a Test Configuration File

Available Configurations:

const requestTypes = {

module.exports = {
  "htBackendBaseUrl": "", // URL of HyperTest server (Required)
  "htCliRefreshToken": "",  // Auth token for the CLI (Required)
  "serviceIdentifier": "", // UUID for the service (Required)
  "requestTypesToTest": [requestTypes.HTTP], // What kind of requests to include in the test
  "httpCandidateUrl": "", // HTTP URL of App under test (Optional)
  "graphqlCandidateUrl": "", // GraphQL URL of App under test (Optional)
  "appStartCommand": "", // Command to start the app (Required)
  "appStartCommandArgs": ["<Argument 1>", "<Argument 2>"],  // App start command arguments (Required)
  "appWorkingDirectory": "", // Working directory for the app (default: current working dir) (Optional)
  "appStartTimeoutSec": 10, // Timeout for the start command (default: 10) (Optional)
  "showAppLogs": false, // Whether to show app logs (default: false) (Optional)
  "shouldReportHeaderDiffs": false, // Whether to report differences in headers (default: false) (Optional)
  "testBatchSize": 50, // Number of concurrent test requests (default: 50) (Optional)
  "testRequestsLimit": 0, // Number requests to test (Optional)
  "httpReqFiltersArr": [], // "<GET /users>", "<ANY REGEX:^/payments>" (Optional)
  "htExtraHeaders": {}, // Object containing additional headers for HyperTest server requests (Optional)
  "initialTimestamp": "", // Initial timestamp in ISO format (Optional)
  "finalTimestamp": "", // Final timestamp in ISO format (Optional)
  "cliServerHost": "", // HT CLI server Host to be Used by Clients(server ignores this) (default: localhost) (Optional)
  "sdkServerHost": "", // HT SDK server Host to be Used by Clients(server ignores this) (default: localhost) (Optional)

Supported file extensions: ".json" & ".js". ".js" will be helpful in case you want to provide dynamic configuration from environment variables.

3. Start new test

Start a new test by running this command.

htcli start-new-test --config-file-path ./htTestConf.js

Open the help to list all possible options available

htcli start-new-test --help

4. Test reports

After the test is completed. You can see the results on the dashboard under Test Results

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